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4 Tips to Minimize Damage by Preparing Trees for High Winds

Trees are an excellent choice for landscaping. They can make your yard more beautiful, provide shade, and add oxygen to the air. However, trees can also become a safety hazard and a destructive force. High winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes can cause them to damage houses, the landscape, and power lines.

1. Pruning

Pruning is the controlled removal of some of a healthy tree’s foliage. It is a great way to remove dead branches, broken limbs, and other unsightly additions. When done correctly, it can help a tree avoid disease and insect infestation, facilitate the growth of new buds and branches, allow more sunlight penetration, create an open canopy for better air movement, and improve their aesthetics.

When you prune, you alter the shape and size of the tree. To keep it growing properly, consider the tree’s potential growth and eventual size. The most common mistake is removing too many branches and leaving wounds on the trunk. A professional tree service can prune your trees correctly, so they look good and stay healthy.

2. Proper Staking

Tree stakes are typically aluminum or plastic stakes inserted at evenly spaced intervals around the tree. The stakes keep the trees from falling over due to wind, soil compaction, and root loss.

Hire a professional to evaluate the overall stability of the trees on your property and provide tree staking services if necessary. Arborists will begin by inspecting the area, taking notes of any damage, and then acting on the findings. Complex staking might require more than one visit to complete the task.

3. Proper Planting

Consult a professional arborist when choosing a location for new trees or shrubs. Check the drainage area to make sure it is well-drained and slopes away from your home. Avoid planting too close to retaining walls or fences. Make sure the trees are not in areas where they might be damaged by vehicles or construction. Also, avoid planting trees along power lines, near sidewalks and driveways, or within reach of a porch or deck.

4. Tree Removal

There are several reasons why you might want to have a tree removed. The tree should be removed if it is dead or diseased, as it could topple in high winds and damage your property. You should also consider removing trees that are too close to your home and could cause damage in extreme weather.

Consider your options before removing a tree, and hire a professional to perform the service. They will safely remove the tree and the trunk, limbs, and roots that might pose a risk to your property.

By preparing your trees for high winds, you can reduce potential damage to your property. Contact us at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services for tree trimming and pruning in Lafayette, IN. We use the latest techniques and equipment for efficient tree service.

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