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Care for Your Trees This Fall by Following This Checklist

The weather has gotten chilly, and the trees around Lafayette are just beginning to turn. Cooler weather invites you to come outside and enjoy the Indiana air, providing the ideal conditions to take care of your trees.

Lay Mulch

Mulch can not only make the area around a tree look better, but it can also protect a tree. It conserves the soil’s moisture and helps keep the earth at a milder temperature. Further, it can make the soil less likely to erode or become impacted. Before the grounds freeze, spread some fresh mulch around your trees. The recommendation is to use about two inches of mulch. Laying too much mulch could lead to rot.

Protect Young Trees

In Lafayette, there are a lot of wild critters that like to visit our neighborhoods. When their food sources get scarce, they may start thinking that our trees and other vegetation look tasty. If you have a tree that may be vulnerable to an animal, consider having it wrapped. Some people use plastic tree wraps to serve as this protective material.

Clean Up Old Trees

During the winter, we can experience pretty bad storms in our area. Those storms can quickly bring down trees and branches, especially if some trees or branches are diseased or otherwise damaged. In addition, falling limbs can present a dangerous situation, especially if a tree limb can strike your home, driveway, or power lines.

Annual pruning can ensure unhealthy limbs don’t fall unexpectedly during the winter because of heavy wind, snow, or ice. The team at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services can come out to your place and trim your trees to reduce the risk of damage or injury from falling limbs.

In addition to taking care of problems that may be evident to the average person, we’ll also be able to inspect your trees closely. We can look for indications of pests or diseases that may be hard to identify. We’ll let you know about any areas of concern and can present a solution to help your trees develop healthily.

Plant New Trees

You might also be thinking about developing your landscaping even further. For example, if you’re interested in planting a new tree, the fall is an ideal time to do that. Doing so gives a tree a chance to establish roots and settle in before the ground is frozen. When things warm up again, it’ll be ready to thrive.

When appreciating the foliage and cleaning up your leaves this fall, keep these tips in mind if you want to do what’s best for your trees. Then, call us if you need any assistance.

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