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An electric chainsaw is being used to cut down a tree that was killed.

How to Stay Safe When Trimming Trees

It can be so nice to have trees on your property, but you need to keep in mind that trees require periodic maintenance. By trimming your trees, you can help them grow in a healthy manner, and you’d be giving them a better chance of living long, productive lives. If you decide to trim your own trees, remember to be careful and to plan ahead. This way, you can stay safe and minimize any risks. Keep reading to learn about safety tips when trimming trees.

Get the Right Gear

People who only occasionally deal with tree issues might not have a lot of gear. If you don’t have safety equipment readily available, take the time to get whatever you need before trimming. Make sure you have a helmet or hard hat, gloves, and eye protection. To ensure that you have good footing, wear a pair of sturdy, non-slip shoes. Getting ear protection and leg protection is also a good idea if you plan on using a chainsaw.

Use Sharp Tools

Take a look at your shears and saws. Sharp tools can do a much better job than dull ones, and for this reason, they can be safer. When using a dull tool, you’ll have to work extra hard, and your cuts might not be precise. Therefore, you could be more likely to injure yourself. Consider getting new tools if your old ones have seen better days. Alternatively, you can have your tools sharpened so that they’re ready to work hard for you.

Identify Possible Risks

When you’re working in nature, you have to be prepared for anything. Before you trim a tree, step back, and get a sense for what may be going on around it. Is there poison ivy or poison oak surrounding the tree? Does there appear to be any hives or nests that you might disturb? If so, remove those hazards before working.

Make the Right Steps

If you have to deal with a tree that’s on the taller side, take extra precautions. You might use a ladder to give yourself added height, and when doing so, make sure its legs are firmly planted in the ground. Getting a partner to spot you and secure the ladder can be a very smart idea. If you need to get up to a higher perch, use a rope or harness to secure yourself. In addition, never stand on a limb that’s not sturdy enough to fully support your weight.

Tree trimming can result in a more beautiful tree, but you should handle the job properly so that you can stay safe. You might want to reach out for professional assistance so that everything gets taken care of the right way. Contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services if you live in the Lafayette, IN area and would like help with tree trimming and pruning.

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