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Three Fun Outdoor Tree Decorating Ideas

You can have a blast decorating your trees during the winter as a family. Allow your creative juices to flow as there are so many outstanding ideas for you to choose from. Three fun outdoor tree decorating concepts include giving your trees glimmer, making them appear rustic, and creating your own decorations out of polymer clay.

Give Your Trees Glimmer

One way you can make your trees pop is to give them glimmer. You can give your trees glimmer by hanging shiny decorations on them such as those made from aluminum foil or some other type of metallic substance. You and your family can cut out stars, snowflakes, or anything your hearts desire. If you want to spend less time crafting and more time decorating, you can purchase shiny decorations that are already made such as tree jewelry, glittery string, snowflakes, and stars.

Make Your Trees Appear Rustic

If you are not interested in giving your trees a glimmery appearance, you can go for a rustic look instead. One decorating idea to make your trees appear rustic is for you to string stars and pinecones on a string in a pattern. You can hang these strings of stars and pinecones from the branches. If you want to really give off that country vibe, you can hang deer and elk antlers in your trees along with burlap ribbons, cotton flowers, and fake berries mixed in with snowflakes. You can also decorate your trees with wooden stars, wooden beads on strings, and painted pinecones strung together.

Creating Fun Decorations From Polymer Clay

If you and your family find crafting together to be an enjoyable activity, you can make your own decorations from polymer clay. You can make hearts, stars, stringed beads, butterflies, and any other things you like. Once you have formed your decorations, bake the clay in the oven, and use waterproof paints to color your creations. Decorations made from polymer clay are durable because once they have been baked in the oven, they will be waterproof and able to stand up to the elements.

You do not have to celebrate the holidays to decorate your trees. You can simply decorate your trees to show off your creativity and enhance your property’s appearance. If you reside in the Greater Lafayette, IN area and want some help hanging your decorations in high places, contact us at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services. Our licensed tree care specialists will be glad to help you hang your decorations high up in your trees so you can show off to family and friends. We promise that when you collaborate with us on your decorating project, you will not be disappointed.

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