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Blue color star effect Christmas decoration lights on spruce tree

Top 5 Holiday Tree Decorating Tips

Decorating a holiday tree is not as easy as most people imagine. However, we have listed a number of tips below to help give your Christmas tree a look so beautiful that your friends and neighbors will think you have hired a professional.

1. Add Nontraditional Embellishments

Non-traditional embellishments will instantly change the overall appearance of the trees in your yard and make them ready for the festive season. According to seasoned designers, colorful yarn tassels can do the magic by giving your trees unexpected pops. Furthermore, you should remember to add iridescent, mirrored, and metallic decorative accents to reflect the vibrant shades you have created.

2. Shape and Fluff the Branches of Your Trees

Fluffing and shaping the branches of your trees can be a time-consuming process. However, it is worth considering because the results are normally impressive.

According to experts, you can shape the branches of your trees to make them look fuller and healthier. To achieve this, consider bending in individual branches so they can fill in the gaps. The decorating tip is particularly handy when you do not have enough embellishments.

3. Pick the Right Colors

Less means more when it comes to decorating your holiday tree. That said, try not to go beyond three colors, and the best way to observe this is to come up with a theme.

For instance, if it is a traditional theme, go for a red and gold combination for the ultimate opulence. If you are looking for a Scandi vibe, then shades of white and neutrals should do the trick, and for an icy cool aesthetic, go for blue and silver colors.

4. Remember the Lights

Decorating your holiday tree is not finished until you add some stunning lights. Depending on your taste and preference, you may opt for bulbs or a string light. Whatever you choose, ensure it enhances the overall appearance of your tree, and it is not overwhelming.

As a general rule, you should add 5 meters of lights or 200 bulbs per 2 feet of your holiday tree. Ideally, ensure you add the lights before everything else since it is always difficult to do this after adding decorations, such as garlands and baubles.

5. Ensure the Decorations Are Well-Balanced

A contemporary holiday tree is likely to have several decorations added to it. This means you need to be careful enough to ensure everything is nicely balanced so the overall look of your tree can be downright amazing.

To ensure all the decorations are perfectly balanced, start arranging them from the top of the tree and work toward the bottom. This makes it easier to check the design and outcome while still in the middle of decoration.

The above simple tips will help give your holiday tree a wowing appeal that can spark conversations between you and your neighbors or friends. They range from picking the right materials and colors to intricately adding lights for the ultimate appeal. Ideally, you should ensure you have all the tools with you to avoid injuries and to get the right results. If you are in Lafayette, IN and looking for a commercial tree service, call Lafayette Huesca Tree Services today.

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