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Tree Removal Resolves Plumbing and Foundation Problems That Roots Cause

Planting trees too close to your house’s foundation can cause expensive problems because roots are opportunistic. Hardwoods have shallow roots and are likely to damage plumbing and foundations. Roots looking for nutrients can damage your foundation or invade your pipes, but removing them can alleviate these issues.

House Slanting Toward a Tree

The roots suck up moisture and nutrients from the soil, and hardwood trees have shallow roots that spread through the soil. Your house may slant toward the tree as the roots remove the moisture from the soil below. Removing the moisture from the soil will eventually cause your foundation to detach, shrink and collapse.

Foundation Damage Near a Tree

Trees that are too close to a house are the most common reason for foundation damage. Some trees can absorb up to 190 gallons of water daily, leaving the soil without moisture. When roots crack and collapse your foundation, you may see foundation damage near the tree.

Foundation Damage Near the Spot With the Most Sun

Inspect your foundation to see if there are any obvious signs of damage. Trees need sunlight and water to grow, and often, foundation damage occurs on the sunniest side of your home. The more trees in an area, the wider the network of roots to remove moisture from the soil.

Preventing Foundation Damage

Some ways of deterring trees from damaging your foundation are to install barriers to divert roots away or install an irrigation drip line near the tree trunk. Preventive landscaping can stop these issues by trimming roots or avoiding planting trees near your home. When all else fails, our arborists can assess the situation and safely remove the tree.

Slow Drains and Clogs

Recurring slow drains and clogs may be signs of tree roots in your plumbing. Recurring clogs and constant slow drains aren’t normal, and tree roots are a likely cause. You may hear strange noises as the water and waste try to bypass the roots in your pipes.

Sewage Backup

Tree roots can enter your sewage pipe through a crack or crack the pipe to enter, depending on the materials. Sewage backup occurs when sewage can’t get out through the sewer line, and you start to smell the gases through your drains. The smells will come from your toilets, showers and sinks as debris gets caught in the tree roots.

Preventing Plumbing Damage

Plan your landscaping by keeping shrubs away from your home and sewer line or planting trees that need less water. Look out for greener areas or faster-growing plants that may indicate a sewer line leak. One of the best things to do if roots are blocking your sewer line is to have our arborists remove the tree.

Tree roots can cause many expensive headaches for you when they are in a bad location. If you need tree removal services in Lafayette, IN, call us at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services for an estimate today.

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