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Your Arborist Can Make Sure Trees Are Trimmed at the Right Time

Each tree variety will require trimming at some point, whether to get rid of damaged and broken branches or to encourage a healthy growth habit. If your trees have sustained some damage over the winter and spring, getting them checked out and trimmed this summer might be the best way to keep them healthy.

Pros of Summer Tree Trimming

Once your tree is fully leafed, it will be easy to see what branches are broken or failing. Loss of branch vitality is normal over the life of the tree, but if some leaves are showing signs of illness, it may also be time to treat the tree.

A wet spring can leave the ground boggy. Sodden soil may not support the weight of a bucket truck or a crane, which may be necessary for the trimming of especially large trees. To make sure that your property isn’t torn up by heavy equipment, an arborist may wait until hot weather hits just to make sure the soil is stable.

If large branches are going to be cut or trimmed, dry conditions will also make it easier to cut them up for firewood or chip them for mulch. Once you know your tree is healthy and that the wood left behind can be used for other purposes, you can make plans to use it in your fire pit or on your landscaping beds.

Cons of Summer Tree Trimming

A summer tree can be a home for birds. It may also be a haven for pests. Before arborists can schedule summer tree trimmings, they may need to wait for baby birds to be strong enough to fly away. It may also be necessary to get the tree treated for wasps or hornets.

A leafy canopy is a mobile canopy when the wind is high. Trimming branches out of a fully leafed tree can be quite dangerous when the breeze is strong. Even if the trunk is stable, cut branches may not drop as expected and may cause damage to healthy branches on the way down.

Tree trimming is hard, physical work that requires a lot of safety gear. From heavy boots to hard hats, working in the heat can quickly go from miserable to dangerous. An arborist may need to start especially early if temperatures are expected to soar.

If you’re thinking about starting a summer tree trimming project on your Lafayette, IN property, contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services for a timeline and estimate.

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