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Arborists to the Rescue: How Experts Save Trees in Emergencies

Trees can withstand a lot, but even Mother Nature’s most enduring plants can be impacted by severe weather. Storms and lightning strikes are the most common causes of tree emergencies. Whatever happens, you can turn to a tree expert to swoop in and provide immediate care to protect and rehabilitate your tree.

Assessing the Damage

The first part of any successful tree rescue is assessing the damage and ensuring the safety of people nearby. A tree that is leaning after a storm, for example, could pose a threat to neighboring cars or homes. Before starting the rescue, the arborist will ensure that it is safe and possible to fix the tree without putting anyone in jeopardy.

During the tree assessment, your arborist will closely examine the tree for signs of damage and note anything they find. Then, they will develop a personalized care strategy to help address issues, lower risks and restore the tree to its former condition.

Choosing the Right Technique

When an arborist comes up with an option for treating a tree, they consider the type of tree, the size of the tree, nearby structures and the extent of the damage. You will want to ensure that the person you choose has experience with:

  • Trimming loose, overgrown or broken branches to reduce risks and promote healthy growth
  • Selectively removing branches that pose a threat to the tree’s health
  • Addressing root problems like rot or soil compaction
  • Installing lightning protection, such as copper rods or conductive cables
  • Applying fertilizers or mulch to the surrounding soil
  • Implementing treatment plans to eliminate pests or tree diseases

Professional Tree Removal

In some cases, the best thing to do is remove a tree so that it can’t pose a hazard to people. Tree removal requires controlling the fall direction and rate of the trunk, removing branches, reducing risks and ensuring that everyone in the surrounding areas stays safe during the process.

Arborists will always try to save a tree before removing it. That being said, some trees pose too much of a hazard, and it is safer for everyone concerned to remove them rather than run the risk of a sudden fall. When alternate options are available, you can trust a tree rescuer to put every possible tactic into action and do whatever they can to help stabilize and recover a damaged tree.

Contact our team at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services in Lafayette, TN to schedule emergency tree services with a tree rescue specialist.

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