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Avoid Tree Emergencies With Preventative Tree Care

Tree emergencies can be expensive and dangerous, so it is best to evade them as much as possible. You can significantly decrease the instances of tree emergencies by scheduling regular preventative maintenance for your trees. Consider how proper tree maintenance can prevent tree emergencies.

Keeps You From Contending With Costly Tree-Related Illnesses

Tree-related illnesses can spread quickly and get out of control. When they do, they will not only negatively impact the tree that is infected, but they will also continue to compromise the health of any nearby trees unless the issue is kept in check. Once the problem has gotten out of control, it is expensive to treat, and trees that have been compromised too much will need to be removed to preserve the safety of people, pets, and property. Trees that are riddled with disease can become weaker and are likely to fall.

As soon as you notice any signs of tree-related illness, you need to get help straight away. Some signs include:

  • Discolored leaves
  • Yellowing foliage
  • Cotton-like masses on leaves and bark
  • Stunted leaf growth

When you schedule regular tree maintenance, an arborist will be able to detect tree-related illnesses and treat them quickly. The illnesses will not have a chance to significantly damage infected trees and spread to other nearby trees.

Prevents Safety Hazards

During storms and other severe weather events, trees are under more stress, and those that are not well maintained can cause safety hazards to occur. Ice and snow add extra weight to tree branches, and this can cause them to break. High winds can make trees fall if their roots are not capable of withstanding the extra force. High winds can also cause damage to weak portions of the tree trunks. When a branch or an entire tree falls, this can cause damage to property and injure people and animals.

When trees are healthy, safety hazards are less likely to occur. Healthier trees are better able to withstand storms. So, the likelihood of trees falling and causing injury to people and property decreases significantly.

Preventative tree maintenance saves homeowners money and keeps unnecessary hassles at bay. To keep your trees in top shape, you should schedule a regular inspection once each year. During the inspection, the arborist will check for signs of illness and determine if any trees need to be pruned or trimmed. When the inspection is complete, the arborist will advise you on what needs to be done, and you will collaborate to remediate the problems. If you reside in the Lafayette, IN area, are contending with a tree emergency, and need storm services or some other kind of help, contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services today.

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