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Healthy Trees in the New Year Are Good for Business

As soon as your potential clients pull into your parking lot, they start to form an opinion of your building. If your trees are in good shape and healthy, you will have a much easier time convincing these potential clients of your attention to detail and commitment to the community.

Put a New Face on 2024

Business owners and consumers have all faced some rough economic times in the past several months. Whether you’re planning an expansion of your business or an update of your facilities, don’t forget to address the trees on your property. Getting your trees trimmed allows them to grow taller and stronger.

If you’ve noticed branches in the canopy that don’t produce leaves, a professional trimming service can help. By looking at the overall health of the tree and getting rid of branches that are dead or dying, a tree professional can prolong the life of older trees and promote vigorous growth in younger ones.

Should you own property that includes flowering trees, a good trimming can promote remarkable beauty. Many flowering trees produce the most vigorous blooms on new growth. If the canopy of your flowering trees is especially crowded, you may not be getting the best bloom in the spring.

Clean Up Damaged Trees

Trees that have been damaged by high winds or storms in the past years need special care. Once a branch has been broken or torn, the fiber of the tree is vulnerable to pests, fungi and bacteria.

If most of the trees on your property are of one species or variety, it’s critically important that you get damaged trees trimmed up and examined. Pests can easily move from tree to tree. Once they attack a damaged tree, they will set up shop and start looking for other trees to infest.

There is also the very real risk that destructive and invasive insects will dig into your damaged trees. The last thing you need, as potential clients get out of their car in your lot, is wasps and hornets greeting them. Both wasps and hornets can be territorial and will try to move back to the same neighborhood to nest each year. If you have exterior storage buildings or a canopy over your loading dock, you may end up with invasive insects threatening your employees.

For beautification and healthy tree growth, call our experts at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services in Lafayette, IN for commercial tree services on your business property. Your trees will thank you come spring!

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