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How to Tell If Your Tree’s Roots Are in Trouble

A tree’s roots are one of its most important parts. Without the roots, the tree cannot get its nutrients or water from the soil, and if it cannot do those two things, it cannot live. The roots also provide stability for the tree, which means that if the roots are damaged in any way, then that damage will eventually harm the tree. Many times, a tree has no visible damage from the surface, and yet there is still an issue at the roots. Keep reading to learn more about these common issues and how to take action and prevent further damage.

1. Cracking Pavement

There are usually a few signs that the tree root damage has started. The first is cracking asphalt or concrete sidewalks or other surfaces where the roots need to be anchored for the tree to stay upright and steady. You will also notice little cracks spreading from here out. If there isn’t any weight on the sidewalk, it may look like there is dirt underneath. If you see multiple cracks, then expect this issue to worsen as time goes on and cause severe root damage.

2. The Tree Is Leaning to One Side or Appears Unstable

Once roots have damaged a tree, it is likely to become unstable. This may lead to a leaning tree as the tree tries to distribute its weight in a way that doesn’t put too much stress on the damaged area. If you notice this happening, there is an issue that needs attention and some corrective measures taken before it worsens.

3. The Tree’s Leaves Are Wilting or Turning Brown

If your tree’s leaves turn brown, this could be another sign of root problems. A tree’s roots supply moisture and water to the leaves, so if they are struggling with their roots, they will also struggle with their leaves and other parts of the tree. Also, a wilting leaf means the tree is not getting enough water, and if it keeps happening, it could die.

4. The Soil Around the Tree Is Dry, Compacted, or Has a Poor Texture

The soil around a tree should always be healthy and contain the nutrients needed to grow and stay strong. If you notice your tree’s soil is dry or compacted, then this means that something has happened with the roots. Heavy machinery may have compacted them, which you should avoid if possible. The soil may also lose its nutrients over time and become hard for the roots to break down for their use. This could mean that too many trees are in proximity, so the root system is getting blocked and unable to grow normally.

Several warning signs indicate that your trees may have a problem with their roots. If you notice any of these issues, contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services in Lafayette, IN. We can help you with taking corrective measures after we inspect the problem.

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