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Mangled tree after a tornado came through

Why Storm Prep Your Trees?

Storms cause a considerable amount of damage. Property damage claims can range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. No matter the type of storm, there can be significant property damage and loss, and there are sometimes fatalities. To prevent property damage and injury, it is essential for you to take measures to storm prep your trees.

Trees Are Responsible for Much of the Damage During Storms

Much of this damage comes from trees because trees topple over and destroy countless homes and buildings. Falling trees have even been responsible for fatalities, power failures, and accidents. The type of storm does not matter, either. Hurricanes, snowstorms, rainstorms, and tornados can wreak havoc if your trees are not prepared to stand strong and weather these storms.

The high winds from tornadoes and hurricanes can uproot trees or cause the branches to snap off and fall. Lightning strikes that occur during rainstorms can cause branches to break, trees to catch fire, or internal damage that threatens the integrity of trees, making them hazardous. Snowstorms can cause trees to be weighed down by snow and ice that can either uproot trees or break branches. When trees are uprooted, they can fall and shatter windows, damage roofs, and hurt people. Branches can drop, landing on people, animals, and property. Tree fires caused by lightning strikes can be responsible for the destruction of property and loss of life.

Healthier Trees Can Weather Storms Much Better

While storms are threatening to any tree, trees that are vulnerable, such as those that are damaged or diseased, are especially at risk when storms hit. Working with an arborist to storm prep your trees is vital if you want to significantly reduce the chance of property damage or serious injury. To make certain your trees remain healthy, you need to have an arborist provide routine care. Such routine care includes regular inspections to check for any problems that may be present, trimming, pruning, and mitigating any health problems when they are found.

Because keeping trees healthy is one of the best ways you can protect your home, family, and neighbors during storms, it is critical that you remain ahead of the storm by regularly engaging the help of an arborist. The last thing you want to do is wait for a storm to cause a catastrophe. If you are a resident of Lafayette, IN or the surrounding areas who wants to proactively take measures to protect property and people, contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services to get started with storm prep today.

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