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Broken tree limb from storm damage laying on a lawn

Preparing Trees for Major Weather Events

In our area of Indiana, we see all kinds of weather. The summers can be hot, the winters are so cold, and there could be everything from gusty winds and heavy rain to ice and snow. The trees in this region typically fare well, but major weather events can do some damage. We certainly don’t want trees to be pose safety hazards in this situation, and that’s why we recommend that our neighbors in the Lafayette area take steps to prepare their trees for significant weather.

Young Trees

When you plant young trees, think about how the tree will do several years in the future. It needs room to grow and the right type of soil for its development. Fertilization may help the tree grow in a healthy way as well. Anchor young trees to help them better withstand severe weather.

Mature Trees

Many of our customers at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services reach out to us with upcoming storm seasons in mind. Noticing that a branch seems to be leaning too close to the house or shed or spotting some dead branches in the canopy often spurs people to take action. We are definitely able to address concerns such as these. Our professional tree trimming company can remove branches. If necessary, we can take down entire trees. We do this in a safe way, eliminating the possibility of the particular branch or tree falling and causing damage.

Trees are susceptible to damage and disease, just like us. Unless you know what to look for, you may not be able to identify these problem areas. Our team certainly does know what to look for, and we can walk your property to determine whether there are any issues or potential problems. Our inspection can allow us to address weak limbs and other areas of concern before they cause any trouble. Removing diseased parts of trees strengthens trees and can slow or prevent the spread of the ailment.

Pruning, in general, is a good practice for trees. Removing branches that are weak lets trees focus their energy on strengthening healthy branches. In addition, too much inner growth can lead to poor circulation. Opening up the inside of a tree allows certain branches to thrive. Strong branches are much more prepared to hold their position in case of an ice storm, heavy snow, or strong winds.

Dealing with storms is just a part of living in this region of Indiana. We want our trees to look beautiful and to be able to withstand anything that comes their way. To give them a fighting chance, proper care is recommended. Lafayette Huesca Tree Services is ready to help you inspect, prune, and trim trees so that they’ll be prepared for the elements in the future. Call us for an appointment.

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