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A Stump Grinding Machine Removing a Stump from Cut Down Tree

Is Stump Grinding the Right Solution?

Stump grinding is an effective way to get rid of unsightly tree stumps. If you’re like most people, you might think that removing a stump will only improve the aesthetics of your yard. The good news is that there are many benefits to performing this yard-enhancing task. Schedule stump grinding before it starts snowing. Summer in Lafayette, IN, when the weather is warm, is the ideal time to tackle this task. Here are some reasons why you may need to have Lafayette Huesca Tree Services grind your stumps.

Insects Have Moved In

It’s wise to prioritize stump grinding because all kinds of insects have a strong tendency to settle down in the crevices on stumps. Watch out for termites. Also, you’re likely to find carpenter ants. It’s only a matter of time before bugs travel from the stump to your home. Grinding down the protruding tree remnant will go a long way toward reducing the pest population in your yard.

Mushrooms Are Growing on the Stumps

Are mushrooms on the stumps? They might have a fungal disease. Stump grinding can help stop spores from spreading, so consider our service if you notice these signs:

  1. A lack of bark
  2. Pest infestation on or near a stump
  3. Cankers appearing on the trunk

You Hate Working Around Them

Are tree stumps getting in your way and preventing you from enjoying your yard to the fullest? There’s no doubt that they can cause you great inconvenience, so drastically reducing their size is good for your peace of mind. The tree stumps on your property will be easier to maneuver around after our stump grinding crew is finished with them. You’ll be able to mow your lawn with ease, and your kids will have more space in the yard to play. Keep in mind that you’re removing a tripping hazard when you grind a stump below ground level.

The Stumps Are an Eyesore

If there’s a stump that you can’t stand to look at, you’ll benefit from our service in Lafayette. Overgrown tree stumps are undesirable focal points that can make your yard look unkempt and unsafe. Fortunately, we can make a difference by cutting the stumps down until you can’t see them. If you decide to plant a bed of flowers on the spot, you can use the wood shavings as mulch.

You’re Selling Your House

Professional stump grinding is worth your while when you want to boost curb appeal. The results can help you increase your property’s resale value. Potential buyers love a well-maintained lawn that has attractive shrubs and flowers instead of weeds and tree stumps. Call us to Lafayette Huesca Tree Services today to learn more about our stump grinding solutions.

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