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The Basics of Commercial Tree Care

Commercial tree care is a bit more demanding than residential tree service. That’s because of property size and other unique factors. Below, we review the basics of commercial tree care in Jacksonville, NC.

Trimming and Pruning

Services that are part of both residential and commercial tree care include trimming and pruning. Regardless of where trees are located, they need occasional maintenance to encourage new growth. Trimming and pruning also make trees look better, and that helps you make a good impression on existing clients and attract new ones.

Routine Commercial Tree Inspections

It’s not always easy for commercial property owners to remain aware of everything that’s going on with trees on their property or properties. Fortunately, a tree care professional can perform routine inspections. During these visits, arborists typically look for:

  • Signs of rot
  • Storm damage
  • Tree spacing
  • Overall tree health
  • New growth

Following an inspection, it’s common to receive a report listing any issues that were found. This gives you a chance to prioritize issues and get expert advice so that you can determine what steps to take next.

Cleaning Up/Clearing Trees on Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are sometimes neglected for one reason or another. If this is the case, a professional tree care team assesses the situation and takes the steps necessary to repair damaged trees or remove dead or diseased ones. Regularly maintaining and cleaning up commercial properties has the potential to improve property value and appeal.

Maintaining Trees on Rental Properties

If you have commercial rental properties, the trees there need to be maintained to keep your tenants happy. It’s also easier to attract new tenants for vacancies when trees are healthy and properly trimmed. This also applies to commercial properties that are rented and used as retail spaces.

Maintaining Tree Safety

Neglected trees are more likely to fall. Even if an entire tree doesn’t fall, poorly maintained trees can easily lose branches when it’s windy or during storms. You’ll also reduce the risk of legal issues that could result from falling branches, especially on nearby sidewalks or streets. Maintaining tree safety could even save you money on your commercial property insurance.

Finding a Commercial Tree Care Plan That Works for You

Another thing to know about commercial tree care is that it’s incredibly flexible. For instance, you have routine inspections of commercial trees done every month or every other month. You can also arrange for routine care and maintenance or make arrangements to take care of storm-related damage after local storms.

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