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6 Reasons Ignoring a Dead Tree Can Cost More Than Prompt Removal

Tree removal services are expensive, and the amount changes depending on several factors. You may think leaving a dead tree alone is a good option, but it can cost you even more in the future. Dead trees can attract pests or become a liability.

1. Attracting Pests

A dead tree is the perfect home for many insects, including termites. Termites will infest areas beneath your house once they spread throughout the tree. Getting rid of termites is difficult and expensive, but you’ll also have to remove the tree and repair the structural damage.

1. Becoming a Liability

The branches of dead or dying trees are brittle and break easily at random times. Broken branches can hit people or property, which would be a financial liability to you. Our arborists can inspect a tree and diagnose the issue before something bad happens, like the tree falling into the street.

3. Dangers From Storms

Dead or dying trees have various signs, including rot and root disease, which can make storms more dangerous. Thunderstorms with high winds can pull over even a healthy tree, and a weak one will fall more easily. Depending on the location of your tree, lower branches could hit a window or fall in the street.

The cleanup after a storm will be much more expensive than the initial tree removal costs. Some issues with tree damage after a storm include damage to your home or your neighbor’s home. Branches blocking garages or hitting roofs are one thing, but an uprooted tree hitting something is even more expensive.

4. Contagious Tree Diseases

Ailing trees can have diseases or fungi that spread to healthy trees if left untreated. Root damage and brittle branches are the result of diseases killing a tree. The powdery substance on the sick tree’s bark can spread to other plants and trees in surrounding yards.

5. Risks That Increase Over Time

Your tree is probably rotting from the inside when fungi are visible on the trunk of your tree. Dying trees grow weaker the longer you leave them alone, increasing the chances of damage to the surrounding area. A tree with diseased roots can easily fall during a storm, damaging property or even killing someone.

6. Lowered Property Value

Trees are an investment for your property, which adds thousands of dollars to your home’s value. Dead trees aren’t great for landscaping, and prospective buyers could lose interest. Landscaping costs time and money to increase curb appeal, and a dead tree can ruin your yard’s aesthetics.

Removing a tree is expensive, but leaving a dead one on your property can lead to costly problems. If you need tree removal services in Lafayette, IN, call us at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services for an appointment today.

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