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The Best Time to Prune Trees in Indiana

Known for the Purdue University campus, Lafayette is a short drive from both Chicago and Indianapolis. Home to more than 29,000 people, the city has even more trees than it does people. While you may want to trim or prune your trees when it’s hot outside, there are different things to consider when picking the right time to prune them. At Lafayette Huesca Tree Services, we can come out and take care of your trees when the time is right.

Late Winter

Winter begins in December and runs through March. The best time to prune trees if you live in or around Lafayette is in the late winter, which includes the back end of February and the beginning of March. It is still too cold out for common diseases to spread around your trees. You can safely prune them without worrying that they might become infected. Most trees found in Indiana will heal before the spring heat arrives.

Early Spring

You also have the option of pruning your trees in the late spring. This is especially common during years when winter comes back with a vengeance. You might watch the Purdue baseball team play while wearing shorts and then need a heavy coat a few days later. Early spring usually includes parts of March and April. While it’s still too cold for diseases to run rampant, you don’t need to wear heavy clothing to spend time outside.

Blooming Trees

While we recommend that you trim Lafayette trees in the late winter and early spring, we make an exception for blooming trees such as forsythia and magnolia trees. These trees have gorgeous blooms that feature bright colors. Many use their old wood from the previous years to feed those blooms. If you cut them too early, you risk missing out on some blooms and finding flowers that are smaller than you expected. The best time to prune blooming trees in Lafayette is later in the spring.

Heading Back

Heading back is the nickname of a tree trimming technique where we cut or trim longer branches. We often use this method for overgrown trees that owners want to control and trees that need a little help to grow in a specific direction. At Lafayette Huesca Tree Services, we can cut back some of the branches on one side of the tree and make it look a little cleaner. Our tree trimming services are popular in winter and spring but are also available in the summer and fall.

Getting the look that you want in your yard will often require pruning your old trees and removing dead branches and unhealthy limbs. Doing the work yourself may result in a few injuries and can take you a lot of time. Call Lafayette Huesca Tree Services in Lafayette to get the professional pruning your trees need.

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