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Keep Your Trees in Perfect Shape With These Easy Home Trimming Tips

Charming, laid-back Lafayette, IN offers all sorts of amenities. With a lower than average housing cost and easy access to Purdue University, this makes a great place to put down roots. Your Lafayette, IN home needs to stay in perfect shape all year long. These easy trimming tips make sure your home and grounds always look their best.

The Right Time

While trees flourish all year long, it’s best to tackle many major plans for your trees to be trimmed during the spring and fall. This is because that’s when new growth is happening. Pruning is a great way to keep all the branches of the tree even. It’s also a good way to remove dead branches that aren’t helping the tree grow.

Staying Safe

Attention to safety is vitally important when trimming your trees. A single wrong move could easily hurt you. A branch that falls the wrong way can damage your car, garage or home. That’s why you want to keep it safe by making sure you have the right equipment before you begin. A good pair of gardening gloves are ideal. The same is true of pruning shears. They should be sharp and cut smoothly. Smooth cutting means a fast and quick trim.

Specific Conditions

Over time, specific conditions with your trees can happen that need to be addressed. For example, forked tree branches are common in many Lafayette, IN trees. This is when the tree branches out from the mainline. The two branches are weaker than the other branches of your tree. You will need to get rid of one of these branches as soon as you see this issue. Cutting close to the ground an angle is ideal. This way, rainwater can easily flow away from the remaining stump.

A Wounded Tree

Some trees may develop broken branches or what is known as a tree wound. These are commonly found in nature after a weather problem such as a storm that downs tree branches or a fire that thins out the branches. In general, it is best to do nothing. Once the tree has this kind of issue, keeping it in the open air is ideal as it helps it to heal over time. Tar dressings can be applied if there’s a serious issue such as swelling. This can also help reduce the possibility of insect infestation as the tree heals and help avoid any further damage.

A well-landscaped property is a true joy in every way. The experts in all aspects of tree trimming and proper tree care at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services will make this happen for you. They’ll come to your property and get the job done to your exact specifications. You get to enjoy the results.

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