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4 Common Problems That Affect Indiana Trees

The Hoosier State is home to tons of state parks filled with fun things to do as well as gorgeous trees. The tree problems that you see around your own home can include diseases that spread to those parks and your neighbor’s homes. While the sugar maple is one of the common trees found in Indiana, you’ll also see black walnuts and silver maples along with other trees. Learn more about the common problems that affect these trees and how Lafayette Huesca Tree Services can help.

1. Walnut Tree Fungus

Walnut trees are large and offer lots of shade. They also produce walnuts that you can eat and use in your favorite recipes. These trees are very common in and around Lafayette, IN and are prone to walnut tree fungus. Weevils often carry this disease and can infect multiple trees in a short period. There are more than 30 million walnut trees across the state.

2. Powdery Mildew

If you grow lilac and other delicate trees in your Lafayette yard, you should keep an eye out for powdery mildew. The disease commonly infects trees in the summer when the climate is dry and humid. It leaves behind a type of mildew that has a powdery look, which can rub off on your fingers. Though this mildew won’t kill the trees, it will damage the leaves and can cause the leaves to fall off your trees.

3. Boxwood Blight

Boxwood blight is another common problem that affects trees in Indiana, especially around the central region of the state, including Lafayette. It releases fungal spores that can remain in the environment for up to five years. Many plant nurseries found the fungus running rampant through their trees and had to quarantine some and remove others. Boxwood blight can kill your trees and affect those nearby. If you see the signs of this fungus, you should opt for tree removal.

4. Crown Gall

Another common problem found in Indiana and the Lafayette area is crown gall. This is often hard to diagnose on your own, which is why you should contact a professional for help. It presents as a large tumor that is dark brown or almost black in color. Though you may see it near the bottom of the trunk, it can also appear below the soil’s surface. Crown gall occurs when the tree has some type of opening that allows bacteria to spread through the tree’s root system.

Get Help With Tree Problems in Indiana

Known for its gorgeous historic homes, Lafayette also has some beautiful landscaping and older trees. Knowing what to do when you see the signs of common problems can make your trees live long lives. Call Lafayette Huesca Tree Services when you suspect some of these common problems are hitting the trees around your Lafayette, IN home.

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