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The sun sets over the butterfly garden planted on family farm in Southern Indiana.

Top 5 Trees to Consider Planting in Indiana

Lafayette, IN is mostly in what’s considered a Hardness Zone 5, although some areas are Zone 6. This can make it a bit difficult to find trees ideal for your residential or commercial property. The good news is there are some appealing options that grow well and look great but don’t require a lot of involved care and upkeep. Keep reading for our suggestions for the top five trees to consider planting in Lafayette.

1. Oak Trees

Available in a dazzling assortment of hearty and visually delightful varieties, oak trees can work well in practically any location in Indiana. In addition to growing fairly quickly, these trees tolerate practically any type of soil, and they’re resistant to pollution and temperature extremes. Oak trees are also easy to maintain – and you get great autumn colors, too!

2. Maple Trees

If you want trees that will provide some much-appreciated shade for your Lafayette, IN, home, maples are ideal. Whether you prefer Norway, Silver, Red, or Sycamore maples, you’ll be treated to sprawling branches with plenty of leaves. What’s more, sturdy, long-lasting maples are among the few tree species popular in the area that produce eye-catching colors in the spring, summer, and fall.

3. Crabapple Trees

Excellent for cross-pollination, crabapple trees can be a welcome addition to your Indiana landscape. This is especially appealing if you already have apple, cherry, or pear trees on your property. Plus, these trees can grow anywhere in your yard, even in areas with limited sun exposure. You’ll be equally impressed with the white, pink, and red blooms these trees produce.

4. Fir Trees

Fir trees are ideal for any property in Indiana where some extra privacy is desired in a more natural way. Incredibly low maintenance, these trees also deter pests and even block street noise to some extent to give you a quieter yard. If you’re a lover of nature, you’ll also appreciate that fir trees attract squirrels, birds, deer, and many other creatures. Just be sure to keep these trees properly trimmed and pruned to prevent issues with overgrowth.

5. Dogwood Trees

Prefer trees a bit smaller for your exterior spaces in Indiana? Dogwood trees are an ideal choice for this purpose. Along with producing beautiful spring blooms, these trees attract pollinators to your yard, which is beneficial if you have garden areas nearby. In fact, these trees are small enough that they can typically be placed directly inside garden areas. Dogwoods are really easy to maintain, too!

Take Care of Both New and Existing Trees

While it’s great to add a few new trees to your property in Lafayette, IN, it’s just as important to take care of the ones you have now. Lafayette Huesca Tree Services is the company to turn to for any assistance you may need with newly planted or older trees.

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