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5 Tips to Keep Trees Trimmed and Pruned During the Winter

Taking care of your home requires ongoing maintenance of your home’s exterior, including its landscaping. Trimming and pruning your property’s trees, even during the wintertime, can be extremely beneficial in terms of mitigating property damage and in some cases, even extending the lifespan of your surrounding foliage. Understanding what to remember when trimming and pruning your trees this winter can help significantly in determining when it is an appropriate time to call on the professionals.

1. Consider Pruning and Trimming Goals

Before getting started with the pruning or trimming of your lot’s trees, consider your goals and intentions. Whether you intend to trim dead and diseased trees or if you want to improve airflow and vegetation next year, there are a few motivators that may lead you to seek professional pruning solutions.

2. Choose the Most Suitable Time

In some cases, depending on the trees, shrubbery, and bushes you have in your yard, pruning and trimming them may be optimal in the winter. For example, trees such as deciduous trees fare better being trimmed in colder months, as they are considered dormant during these months.

3. Avoid Trimming Too Much of Your Trees

Even if you want to cut more than one of your property’s trees, it is best to do so while still keeping a few limitations in mind. In most cases, avoid cutting more than 25% or a quarter of the tree’s overall canopy. Cutting too much of the original tree can have adverse effects and outcomes on the tree’s health, regardless of its location, type, and age.

4. Remove Sprouts and Suckers Ahead of Time

If you are in the process of trimming or pruning the trees on your property, you may want to prepare ahead of time on your own by removing any suckers or sprouts from the tree’s branches and base. Sprouts and suckers are not only unappealing, but they can impact your tree’s health, detracting from its ability to thrive over time.

5. Consult the Professionals

Whenever you are planning to trim or prune your trees in the winter, you will likely want to do so by consulting with professionals. Professionals who specialize in the pruning and trimming of trees are well-versed when it comes to environmental risks and how to go about complying with any zoning laws, rules, and restrictions that may currently be in place.

Whether you’re a residential homeowner or commercial business owner, maintaining your property during the winter may require tree pruning and trimming. To ensure your surrounding trees remain well-maintained and trimmed year-round, turn to the professionals at Lafayette Huesca Tree Services for the trimming and pruning services you need this winter season in Lafayette, IN.

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