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Common Tree Care Myths to Ignore

If you’ve ever spent any time on the Purdue University campus, then you know how beautiful some of our native trees can be. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to get your trees to look as beautiful as those on the campus. The reason why your trees may be subpar is that you’re taking some common tree myths as facts when caring for the trees on your property.

Tree Topping Reduces Its Fall Risk

One common myth that many people fall victim to is thinking that tree topping is done to help reduce the risk of a tree falling. The reality is that unhealthy trees are going to fall regardless of whether or not you chop their tops off. If you’re worried about your tree getting too high, it’s important to realize that the top of your tree is equivalent to its head. If you have it chopped off, you’re drastically reducing its ability to get energy from the sun to grow.

Tree Pruning Always Helps Trees Grow Faster

Many people are familiar with the idea of pruning their trees to help invigorate their growth. However, many don’t realize that there’s a fine line between pruning for health and damaging the tree. At Lafayette Huesca Tree Services in Lafayette, IN, we provide the perfect balance between trimming away foliage to encourage local growth while still leaving adequate foliage on the tree. Your tree needs adequate foliage in order to photosynthesize and grow.

Tree Cavities Should Be Filled With Concrete

From time to time, trees can develop open cavities. Some people believe that these open cavities should be filled with concrete. The idea behind this myth is that concrete will strengthen the integrity of the entire tree. In reality, concrete can actually weaken a tree. Trees are built to sway in the wind. When a section of the tree can’t move due to the concrete, it will develop cracks and abrasions around the concrete as the rest of the tree tries to move. Filling in cavities with concrete can make your tree more susceptible to decay and disease.

All Newly Planted Trees Should Be Wrapped

Another common misconception that many homeowners fall victim to believing is that all newly planted trees should be wrapped. Wrapping a protective material around the base of a tree can help to protect it from extreme weather. However, it’s crucial to note that trees only need to be wrapped between November and April when the weather is at its worst. Keeping a tree wrapped for longer can actually have a negative effect on the growth of your tree.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths being thrown around about proper tree care practices. To avoid making costly mistakes with your trees, it’s best to contact Lafayette Huesca Tree Services to get the professional assistance that you need.

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