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Boost Your Business Image With Spring Tree Care

Office park with garden and trees

While you may not think about it, you can enhance and elevate your business’s curb appeal and overall image when you take care of your trees in the springtime. This proactive approach not only showcases your concern for the environment but also conveys a sense of stewardship, laying the foundation for building trust with your […]

5 Tips to Keep Trees Trimmed and Pruned During the Winter

house overgrown with trees

Taking care of your home requires ongoing maintenance of your home’s exterior, including its landscaping. Trimming and pruning your property’s trees, even during the wintertime, can be extremely beneficial in terms of mitigating property damage and in some cases, even extending the lifespan of your surrounding foliage. Understanding what to remember when trimming and pruning […]

Top 5 Holiday Tree Decorating Tips

Blue color star effect Christmas decoration lights on spruce tree

Decorating a holiday tree is not as easy as most people imagine. However, we have listed a number of tips below to help give your Christmas tree a look so beautiful that your friends and neighbors will think you have hired a professional. 1. Add Nontraditional Embellishments Non-traditional embellishments will instantly change the overall appearance […]

The Lurking Dangers of Tree Diseases

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of disappointment or even heartbreak as you watch decades-old trees wither in a matter of months. Tree diseases are easy to overlook until they’ve taken hold in a serious way or started to spread across a property. That’s why vigilance and the ability to recognize common tree […]

4 Tips for Summer Tree Trimming to Maintain Tree Health and Beauty

Hanging arborist cutting branch with small saw.

Tree trimming is an important service for homeowners who have beautiful trees on their property. During the summer months and mild weather, many people hire professionals to maintain the health and beauty of their trees. It should be done by skilled and conscientious individuals who have respect for both the tree and its owner. Here, […]

What Does Your Fruit Tree Need This Spring?

Hand picking an apple from an apple-tree. Isolated on a white background

Spring is the season of new beginnings, especially for fruit trees. After the long, cold winter months, fruit trees come alive again in the spring. During this time, there are several things that fruit trees need to ensure that they grow and produce an abundant harvest. This article will discuss the important things fruit trees […]

Three Fun Outdoor Tree Decorating Ideas

House with Christmas lights at night

You can have a blast decorating your trees during the winter as a family. Allow your creative juices to flow as there are so many outstanding ideas for you to choose from. Three fun outdoor tree decorating concepts include giving your trees glimmer, making them appear rustic, and creating your own decorations out of polymer […]

Care for Your Trees This Fall by Following This Checklist

Sunny autumn landscape with golden trees and blue sky in countryside

The weather has gotten chilly, and the trees around Lafayette are just beginning to turn. Cooler weather invites you to come outside and enjoy the Indiana air, providing the ideal conditions to take care of your trees. Lay Mulch Mulch can not only make the area around a tree look better, but it can also […]

Top 5 Trees to Consider Planting in Indiana

The sun sets over the butterfly garden planted on family farm in Southern Indiana.

Lafayette, IN is mostly in what’s considered a Hardness Zone 5, although some areas are Zone 6. This can make it a bit difficult to find trees ideal for your residential or commercial property. The good news is there are some appealing options that grow well and look great but don’t require a lot of […]